Getting Organised - Whats for dinner?

Posted on 27th March, 2019

Organisation - What's for Dinner?


This is my first blog on getting organised.  We all lead busy lives and I find that if I'm not feeling organised my head feels all messy and this effects everything else that I'm trying to juggle day to day.  So here are my tips on food.


It seems like a little thing but ends up being one of my most tedious things to do, keep my family alive all week with food!  After the morning school run, a day full of work, an afternoon school run, taxiing gorgeous offspring to various after school clubs and having sat at the same set of traffic lights for the 5th time that day the last question I want to think about is 'What's for dinner? my heart sinks and my mind starts mentally going through the larder cupboard  trying to rustle up a meal no one will moan about! 



1 Meal Planning

A few years ago I started meal planning, it has made mid week meal times a lot less stressful and has also resulted in us eating a lot less take aways!  


I sit down on a Saturday morning and plan what we are having for dinner for the week coming up.  This generally involves some input from the children but I know there are always certain meals they will want. 


We have a blackboard in the kitchen and the meals for each day are written down so no one has to ask me the 'What's for dinner?' question, and they have time to psych themselves up for that one meal they don't really like that much but have to eat as everyone else does! Once I know what meals we are having I then start a shopping list.


2 Check your food stores

Before making the weekly shopping list always check your cupboard, fridge and freezer to see what you already have.  It's amazing the amount of extra items you can buy in a week not realising what you already have at home. 


Not only does planning and shopping in this way reduce food waste it saves money too.  By only buying what you need for that week you avoid throwing away unused fresh food and those cans of random stuff that go out of date at the back of the cupboard that may have come in handy!


3 Cook in bulk

By this I don't mean standing in the kitchen all day slaving over the cooker to produce a freezer full of meals (who has time for that!) more just making a bit more food while you are cooking anyway. 


For instance when you make a roast dinner on a Sunday make extra potatoes and Yorkshires and buy a bigger joint of meat, that way you can freeze the extras and you have another dinner you can take straight out of the freezer and just add some fresh veg.  Or if you are making a Lasagne make two instead and pop one in the freezer. 


It saves so much time and your family will think you can produce amazing meals midweek too, not just at the weekend! Domestic goddess here we come! (Top Tip - put a reminder in your phone for the morning you want the food to take it out of the freezer to defrost)


4 Use that Freezer

The freezer is definitely your friend!  As well as having those extra meals stashed away in the freezer use your freezer for those everyday essentials. When you do your shopping buy extra bits that you know you will need during the week like bread products and put them in the freezer, this stops the panic rush to the local shop when you have run out.  I find most bread freezes and defrosts really well.  


Also don't be afraid of frozen veg!  I always have frozen onion, garlic and chilli this makes for a really quick mid week pasta sauce with a jar of Passata.  Some frozen vegetables have been found to have more vitamins and nutrients than fresh so don't feel bad using frozen for a quick mid week dinner.


When you are freezing food always think about freezing things in usable amounts, for instance if you have bought a tray of 8 chicken breasts but are unlikely to need them all at once just use some freezer bags and freeze them in 2's so you only take out the freezer what you actually need. 



5 Use the Slow Cooker

If you don't already have a slow cooker they are a great investment.  I like to try and prepare a dinner the night before and pop it in the fridge then just put it in the slow cooker before I start work the next morning. By dinner time its all ready to go. 


There are some great recipes on-line, I follow Slow Cooker Kitchen on Facebook for some ideas.  Using them at the weekend is great too, you can put a joint of meat in Sunday morning and it will be delicious by Sunday evening without having to think about it


Whether you do the shopping on-line or go to the supermarket just make sure you stick to the list! I like to send my husband off to the supermarket with the list as he is better at sticking to it than me!  You should find you throw less away and save money.


Hopefully these few tips can help you to feel more organised and have a slightly less stressful week! This is just the first of my getting organised blogs if there is a topic you would like some tips on do let me know and I'll do my best to impart some wisdom.


Until next time




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