Bust the dust!

Posted on 25th March, 2019

I don't know about you but I always seem to have a build up of dust around the house that I am battling, especially in the room that I work in.  Clothes and bedding are one of the worst dust creators but washing your bedding regularly should cut down on the amount of skin flakes they collect (horrible thought I know!). 


It is estimated that four out of ten people in the UK will suffer with an allergy during their lifetime so how can we help with the pesky dust.  I live with someone with a dust allergy and find that dusting alone doesn't really help keep the amount of dust down, as it just moves it around, so I rely on my trusty vacuum cleaner! 


Start at the top and work down.  Put the extender pole on your vacuum cleaner and get vacuuming all the corners and edges of the room then using the soft brush attachment vacuum all your surfaces including window sills (it may look a bit weird but trust me!) before giving them a spray with polish and a wipe using a microfibre cloth. This definitely keeps the dust from coming back quite so quickly. 


Give all your soft furnishings a good vacuum too as they love to collect dust, don't forget the back of the sofa.


Carpets are big dust collector but if you can't live without something soft under your feet regular vacuuming and a wash with a decent carpet cleaner every couple of months keeps the dust at bay.  After being rather disappointed with a carpet cleaner I hired I recently purchased a Vax Platinum Carpet Cleaner and must say the results were fantastic.  Ok so you have to clean the machine afterwards yourself but it is worth the effort.


Another recent purchase was an air purifier, this has changed my workspace immeasurably.  I have been ironing for many years now and recently, during a particularly busy week, as the sun shone through the window I could see how many dust particles were floating in the air and ultimately in to my lungs I should imagine! 


I purchased a fairly reasonably priced unit and within days I could see a difference.  The filter on the machine was full every day and was complete proof that is was doing its job! (see the pictures below).  Not only are there less visible particles in the air but the room smells fresher, there is a lot less dust on all my surfaces and my allergy sufferer has hardly been sneezing at all!

















So they are my top tips on reducing the dust so you can dust less. Invest in an air purifier and get that vacuum cleaner working on more than just your carpets! Oh and don't forget to keep the vacuum cleaner clean too, empty it regularly and clean or replace the filters.


Hope this helps to improve your household just a little! Until next time.



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